Tourythm - a new rhythm for tourism

From sustainable tourism to regenerative tourythm

This crisis made us realise that tourism was hit so hard because it is a people for people and a truly global business. But: The same two components qualify tourism to become a leader of change instead of being a victim of further crisis. It´s all there, we just need to share, co-create and apply it.


We invite tourism actors and especially hotels throughout Europe to join forces and realize two main targets with tourythm:

  1. Create a real business case for your hotel based on a concept that goes beyond sustainability. It focus on regenerating instead of only sustaining.
  2. Become part of a new rhythm for tourism, that co-creates our common future and inspires others to follow 

We call this new tourism with intention tourythm - as this tourism is a new rhythm that regenerates your business, your employees, your suppliers, your region and ultimately our planet.

Official launch 2021 - stay tuned


Tourythm will officially start 2021, when tourism will recover step by step. It will invite hoteliers in Europe to create a successful business case around the principles of sustainability and regeneration. Stay tuned and be informed about the official launch and offers of tourythm.


On our newly launched linkedIn tourythm side, we already start our campaign describing the qualities, the insides and your benefits as hotelier when joining this movement.


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