Presentations, seminars and trainings

We are happy to support you

We would be delighted if we can enrich your event with a presentation based on our practical experiences or an inspiring talk. Besides these we offer educational and inspiring day workshops or longer seminars focussing on sustainable tourism solutions. If you feel like involving your employees we can recommend you our sustainabilty experiencing day. This includes a general introduction to the concept of sustainability as well as topics like energy- and water efficiency and sustainable food. These workshops will motivate and involve your employees and lead to lower energy and water costs. Please have a look at the examples below if you are interested in these approaches in more details.

Talks & workshops

Presentations and workshops normally lasts between 15 minutes and half a day.

Contentwise we offer practical presentations and workshops regarding sustainable tourism in general or for example energy efficiency for hotels in more detail. One of the most successful inspirational presentations for a group of hotels is the one with the title "The 10 best working recommendations  to save energy without investing money - real examples out of our day to day work with hotels".


Other examples include the following:

  • Fit for sustainability within hotels and the gastronomy: Presentation and workshop on behalf of the city of Neumünster and the Tourismus Cluster of Schleswig-Holstein (North Germany)
  • Presentation "Precaution instead of lenience - sustainability based on resource efficiency" on behalf of the Tourism-Cluster of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Presentations about a "Future oriented tourism - new trends worldwide" on behalf of different local chambers of commerce  (Stuttgart, Koblenz, Mannheim, Schwerin)


Our seminars last for one day until one week and have the overall aim to give a detailed overview of the concept of sustainablity, its application in tourism or more specific in hte hotel opertion.  

Based on real examples we showcase the advantages and how these principles can be applied in the day to day routines in tourism regions, hotels and tour operators.


Examples of these seminars are the following:

  • Inspiration Days for sustainability - new ways of saving: Sustainability pays off (daylong seminar) - Rhodos, on behalf of Thomas Cook
  • Inspiration Days for sustainability - new ways of saving: Sustainability pays off (daylong seminar) - Crete, on behalf of Thomas Cook

Employees trainings

With our employee trainings you can inspire and involve your employees for the topic of sustainability and energy/water efficiency. These 3-4 hours trainings are often organised on two subsequent days. As such we can involve half of your employees per day in order to safeguard your daily operations. The results of these trainings are concrete "green processes" for every department, which your employees develop themselve.


Examples of such an employee training are the following:

  • Sustainability learning day on behalf of the adult education center in Rehburg-Loccum
  • Two employee sustainability learning days on behalf of the Hotel and Boardinghouse Im Jaich, Bremerhaven
  • Two employee sustainability learning days on behalf of the Hotel Lüttje Burg, Lütjenburg
  • Process- und energy efficiency trainings for hotel employees in the kitchen, the housekeeping, the restaurant, the garden in many hotels around Europe (Portugal, Spain, Greece, Croatia), Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt