We believe in a responsible tourism based on sustainability principles


We, Andreas Koch, Torsten Merker and Arne Ahrens (from left to right on the picture), have long time experience in tourism.


We are working in sustainable tourism for nearly 20 years now. As bluecontec, which we founded 2012, we supported over 250 hotels and hotel chains, cooperate with touristic companies like TUI, DER Touristik or Thomas Cook and are involved in the sustainable development of touristic regions like Schleswig-Holstein, Crete, Lanzarote or Mauritius.


We would be happy to share our experience with you!


Our Values - what do we stand (up) for

We are convinced that we need to rethink the traditonal form of our economic activities. Both, the way we treat people and our human resources as well as our planet, has reached clear and noticable limits. We have passed a border, where we as well as many others feel that we cannot continue the same way. The principles of sustainability, understood and implemented correctly, are one of the best answers for us to create a future that we want to live for. We as blueContec therefore base our values on sustainability, commonality, cooperation and freedom. We are passionated about basing all our projects on these values and contributing towards the general discussion. This is the main driver behind our entrepreneurship to found blueContec.

What makes tourism so special for us

Tourism is a worldwide phenomenon and one of the biggest economic activities worldwide. Tourism connects people from very different regions and attitudes and is deeply rooted in the tourism destinations through the many suppliers and employees living on the income that tourism provides. Often this is associated with many environmental and social impacts creating outbalanced challenges for all actors. At the same time tourism offers a unique opportunity to showcase how a sustainable future can look like in practice. There are hotels producing more energy than they consume, there are destinations that run ferries with biogas produced from their agricultural waste, or regions where tourists clearly help to restore the environment. All these are initiatives that showcase that tourism can serve a better future already today. Once connected or added these pieces of a puzzle will make a difference.

Our vision - what we strive for

Our wish is to inspire and support as many tourism actors (hoteliers, tour operators, touristic companies, regions...) as possible to act more sustainable and as such to showcase that sustainable tourism has many advantages if implemented successfully. In addition, we aim to connect these proactive actors to co-create sustainable tourism solutions together in order to learn from each other and create lively examples for others to follow. This is how we strive to live our vision to contribute to a better world.

The Team

Andreas Koch

M. Sc. in Biology and Environmental Management, CEO

Focus areas: Support of destinations to become sustainable, setting up networks, speeches & trainings

Andreas Koch started at TUI after his academic degrees. Within his 13 years at the TUI GROUP he was promoted to head the Quality- and Environmental Management (4 years) as well as  the Hotel Consulting and Product Development department (2 years). Based on his beliefs he cofounded Futouris e.V. 2009 followed by leading Futouris as Chairman of the Board for 5 years. Together with Arne Ahrens he founded the blueContec GmbH to live his mission in 2012.


Arne Ahrens

Diploma in Business Economics, CFO

Focus areas: Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 & EMAS, energy assessements, environmental communication and trainings

Since he began to study Arne Ahrens worked in different positions within TUI. After two years he joined the department of Environemental Management being responsible for the ISO 14001 certification of the TUI locations as well as the monitoring and support of the TUI hotel partners.

Arne Ahrens is cofounder of Futouris in 2009 and in 2012 he launched blueContec together with Andreas Koch.


Torsten Merker

Diploma in Economic Engineering, CTO

Focus areas: Energy- and water efficiency assessments, energy audits, trainings and seminars

After his education in technical construction work Torsten Merker studied Economic Engineering. His career started with the employment as Engineer at the LURGI and the HOCHTIEF AG followed by a two times five years appointment as CEO at two midsize companies. One of these positions was at a university related project management company for energy and resource efficiency. Since 2006 he is an independent consultant for energy and resource efficiency - with the focus on hotels and touristic companies - before he joind blueContec in 2017.



Dr. Thilo Jania


Thilo Jania is founder of the DR. JANIA Prozess- & Organisationswerkstatt and cooperates with blueContec in the strategy and chance management areas. 


Local Food Experts

The Local Food Experts on Crete are our competence partner regarding sustainable agriculture as well as sustainable tourism solutions. Together we jointly implement the TUI Care Foundation & Futouris project "Crete - first steps towards a sustainable food destination".

Maria Valerga

Maria Valerga was responsible for sustainability at the Greek hotel chain Grecotel. She now is a freelancing consultant cooperating with blueContec regarding Environmental Management Systems as well as trainings for Greek hotel employees.