Tourism for the future. Yes, sustainably!

Tourism has many faces and is one of the most important economic activities on earth. One out of 10 jobs depend on or is generated by tourism and as a worldwide phenomenon it connects people all over the planet.  As blueContec we aim to contribute to a better world. Tourism - in our view - is an important mulitplicator for a positive development that we wish to foresee in the world.


In our projects with hotels, restaurants, tourism companies like tour operators and tourism regions we try to showcase, that sustainability in tourism is feasable and has many advantages: It saves costs, it supports to have motivated and satisfied, loyal employees, it ensures attractive holiday regions and it creates tourism offers that attract new tourists. 


We all together - you as tourism service provider, we as sustainability tourism partner and we all as tourists - create the world we live in tomorrow... have a look below, how we could join forces for this positive change. We look forward to co-creating these advantages hand in hand with you. 

Our offers and service

For companies

We support hotels and hotel chains as well as tour operators and touristic companies to develop sustainability strategies or Environmental Management Systems. By your wish, you could decide to externally certify these systems to increase your credibility.


If you want to sytematically reduce your energy and water costs, our engineers can analyse your consumption and technical equipment or develop ideas for minimising your CO2 footprint. These so called energy audits are funded with 80% for small and medium size companies in Germany and - funded or not - often payback with one year.


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For tourism regions

Sustainability is a success factor and of highest importance to stay competitive and attractive for any tourism destination. Our projects with tourism regions therefore strive for a better connection, networking and cooperation of all relevant actors. We have set up networks of hotels to save energy and water costs by exchanging best practices as well as networks to bridge sustainable hotels and sustainable farmers. The ladder highights regional sustainable products as success factor to strengthen the marketing of the region and at the same time it minimises the ecological impacts of a destination.


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Talks & seminars

Sustainable tourism gets more and more attention by tourisic companies, regions or travel associations. As such we increasingly get requests for inspiring presentations or seminars. If you wish to involve your clients, employees or partners in this kind of discussion, we are happy to bring in our expertise derived from many sustainble tourism projects. We get excited to inspire and involve more actors to explore the advantages that we have experienced with sustainable tourism solutions. Of course we will also be available to answer questions related to the often complex and interwoven concept of sustainability.  


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