Sustainable tourism destinations

Challenges, chances and examples

All tourism regions depend on an intact nature and unspoiled environment. It is the fundamental basis for any successful development. Thats about the practical terms this is not always as simple as it sounds. Many actors are involved and need to work together and sustainability is a long term concept often in contradiction to the short term financial goals. We at blueContec are truly convinced and have experienced this in our projects that a sustainable development of a touristic region is a success factor for many reasons. Even more: It stimulates a successful regional development as many local actors and other economic branches (agriculture or mobility for example) are directly related and connected to the tourism activities. We are happy to discuss these ideas with you if you share this belief with us. Please find below two actual examples how we support tourism regions.


Regional energy efficiency      networks for hotels in a region

In many tourism regions we successfully initiated energy efficiency networks for hotels and restaurants hand in hand with local tourism or hotel asscociations. At the heart of all these networks we perform a systematic energy efficiency audit in each participating member and share the experience and results with all members of the network. Often these networks continue to head for a deeper sustainable management understanding by involving suppliers, employees or tourists in the long run.


Please find below three feedbacks of participants in such networks:


Andreas Tedsen, owner and Director Hotel Lüttje Burg, Lütjenburg

"The identified energy saving potentials surprised me positively. We can implement many of the measures directly  and I got a much clearer view about which areas consume how much energy costs. I can sorrowly recommend this project to any hotelier."


Karen Schmekal, owner, Hotel Seelust, Hennstedt

„The external view by experts helped us as a small hotel a lot. We often have no time at all to focus on energy efficiency during our daily business despite the fact  that energy costs are getting more and more important economically. Its really recommendable this project"


Family Langbehn, Hotel Hof Krähenberg, Grömitz

"We found it very interesting and got many ideas, of which we already implemented some directly. Many thanks for this profitable support"

Sustainability strategy devlopment for a tourism region

In tourism regions like north Germany, Crete, Lanzarote or Mauritius we work hand in hand with local actors to connect different stakeholders under the umbrella of a sustainable development. As such we create a successful regional development based on the principles of sustainability.


On Crete we co-create this development hand in hand with our local partner Local Food Experts. Together we train local farmers and food production units (over 150) to produce self assessed sustainable wines and olive oil being then promoted and consumed in seven hotels which joined the project. This project is founded by the TUI Care Foundation and Futouris and aims to establish Crete as a "Sustainable Food Destination" in the long term. The video below gives you an impression of this visionary project.