Sustainability in hotels & touristic companies

Challenges, advantages & offers

Energy and water costs are increasing, it is challenging to keep good employees and market research studies show that sustainability is increasingly important for your guests. Do you perceive some of these aspects as challenging for your business?


If you understand sustainability as part of your overall quality approach this will have many advantages: Your operational energy and water costs are lower, your employees are actively involved and take responsibility and you could address and win a new growing customer group, that expect this kind of responsibilty. Even more, you contribute to the protection of your destination to stay attractive and competitive in the future. Do you want to know, how you could tap into these advantages, then have a look below, where we describe different options to start.

Energy assessment & energy audits

An energy assessment with the aim to systematically reduce your operational energy and water costs is often a quick win measure. Based on our experience we often find and describe measures that reduce costs without any or only small investments. 


Our energy assessments or -audits always follow a systematic step by step process in close cooperation with you:


First we analyse your energy- and water consumption and compare (benchmark) it with other similar hotels or businesses. As such you get a feedback how efficient you operate.


After this, we arrange a meeting on-site with you and your technical expert, where our engineer systematically looks at and evaluates your technical equipment as well as the way your employees operate these. Based on this evaluation, we discuss potential improvements and give you clear recommendations to reduce your energy and water costs.


Based on your needs, these recommendations can be measures without costs, measures with a fast payback time and/or strategic measures like a new heating or air condition system. As we are neutral, we often independently evaluate different technical proposals that you received from your technical equipment suppliers.



Involving employees & management systems

Your employees are the most important ambassadors and realizers for efficient processes and sustainability in your business. It is worthwile to actively involve them for many reasons: Environmentally trained employees ensure lower operational energy and water costs, involved and responsible employees are motivated and loyal and strengthen the communication with your guests.  


To tap into these advantges, two different approaches have show very good results in our projects:


To start with, it is recommendable to organise a 1-2 days sustainability learning day. In these days we inspire your employees by teaching them the principles of sustainability in theory and in practice referring to their day to day activities. The results are concrete measure that they develop themselve based on their own evaluation as well as our input of practical successful measures in other hotels/businesses. 


The second successful approach could be to directly start building up a sustainability or enrvironmental management system. These sytems encompass different key elements like a general policy, trainings, developing key performance indicators and targets, creating a team and audits. All these are descibed in a handbook and implemented step by step normally over a period of one year.


If you wish, you could decide to certify these management systems (for example ISO 14001, EMAS...) by an external auditor to strengthen your credibility and your image. 

Sustainable Communication

To communicate your responsible operation and activities gets more and more important as the customer segment that expects sustainability as a standard increases year by year.


If you wish to address this growing customer segment, it is crucial to analyse and understand how you can take over your responsibilty to become more sustainable. If you start communicating without this homework you will loose your credibility especially regarding this customer group.  


If you actively manage sustainability aspects in your business and have trained your personal, then the next step could be to develop and implement a so called sustainability communication concept. Here we define with you clear customer touch points where you can effciently communicate your activities or even involve your guests in your sustainability strategy. 


We are happy to support you to develop such are communication concept and implement it step by step based on your needs and our experience.