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Andreas Koch

Position Managing Director
When were you born? 1970 in a small town named Stadthagen in Northern Germany.
Where do you live? In Hanover in an old building with high ceilings and a wooden floor close to the big forest in Hanover, which is the biggest forest in the middle of a city in Europe.
Your Career? I primarily studied Biology in Germany. As I always had been interested in the connection of environmental management and economics, I took part in a second international master program “Environmental Management and Policy” at the Lund University in Sweden. I finalised this second study with the Master of Science in 1999. In 1999 I took over my first position at TUI in the Environmental Department. Since 2002 I had been working in different management positions at TUI including being the Head of Quality and Environmental Management for four years. Before founding and heading the blueContec initiative, I built up the Hotel consultancy team and had been responsible for it for two years.
Why blueContec? I was always interested in working with people and companies on how sustainability can help to foster economical success. At blueContec this is now my daily business. I really enjoy to bring in my long time sustainable tourism experience to find and develop solutions that save costs, motivate employees, attract new clients and simply are a contribution to a better world.
Your dream of life? To ride around the world with my bike.
Your passion? To get to know different cultures and to involve myself in sustainable tourism solutions.
What makes you happy? To work together for a far-reaching goal, to read a nice book while sipping a good white wine, to ride with my bike through a beautiful landscape.
Your favorite meal? I always like to eat local specialities with some kind of tradition.