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Sergio Costa COO Four Views Hotel, Madeira

“Thank you for these two unforgettable days with creating a Master Plan for Sustainable Strategy Development. We are now more assured that the path we have taken will turn out to be successful. And surely you have proved to be a major force behind our drive.”

Create your future - The future workshop

How sure are you about your future? What makes you successful today and in the future? With the future scenario workshop we – meaning the management team that you compose - will look at your status quo today and in your future.

Based on actual trends deriving from our daily experience as well as from actual future research studies, we reflect with you your success factors of today and how these might change within the next 10 years. The outcome are possible future scenarios, that you can already successfully counteract today.

What you can expect in this two days workshop:

  • An update of actual customer and sustainable tourism trends
  • A presentation of possible future tourism scenarios 
  • Evaluation of your success factors today and how these might change in the future
  • A systematic discussion on how you can react on your possible personal future scenarios
  • Your personal future strategy as a well arranged poster, that was developed by your management team